Hvorfor 108 perler i en mala?

Why 108 beads in a mala?

A traditional 'japa mala' consists of 108 beads.

108 is a sacred number and there are several reasons for that.

For example, there are 54 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet and each letter has both a feminine and a masculine side. 2x54=108

There are 108 holy scriptures, 108 chapters of the Rig Veda, 108 Upanishads and 108 main tantras.

In Ayurveda, there are 108 marmas (sacred places) in the body.

Therefore, a traditional japa mala contains 108 beads and therefore 108 mantras that you must go through in your ajapa japa meditation.

A mala sometimes also has, in addition to its 108 beads, a Guru bead. This marks the start and end of the mala. When you reach the Guru in your meditation, it is important that you do not continue beyond it. It will not be respectful towards your Guru and guide - purely symbolic.

If you would like to extend your meditation, you can turn the mala in your hand and count the same way back until you reach the Guru again.

Construction of the GOYOGI Mantra mala
In the GOYOGI Mantra malas, in addition to the 108 counting stones, Marlene Schnoor has also inserted 4 small break stones (the small 4mm pearls between the 108 counting pearls). This is done to create small landmarks that can be used as time markers in your meditation.

The first break comes after the first 7 mantra beads.
The next break comes after the next 14 mantra beads.
After this, there are 66 mantra beads you have to go through before there is another break.

In this way, you slowly build up to the long stretch of your meditation, which can be really rough if you are a beginner. In the same way, you also step out of the meditation again via the small pause markers.


You can either repeat your mantra 108 times or you can use your mantra mala to count deep breaths. It is up to you and at GOYOGI we are very much in favor of each individual yogi finding his own path - the path that makes sense right where you are.

When it comes to the Self and its development, it is important to listen to one's own voice and only find inspiration in others - even if there is a special tradition or 'formula'. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Enjoy. Meditation is balm for the soul 🙏📿❤
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