Marlene Schnoor bliver partner i GOYOGI

Marlene Schnoor becomes a partner in GOYOGI

It is with great pleasure that we welcome a new co-owner and partner in GOYOGI! At the same time, we are looking forward to making the beautiful and powerful Mantra malas and bracelets part of GOYOGI's own universe. Welcome to Marlene Schnoor !

Mantra by Marlene Schnoor

About Marlene Schnoor
My name is Marlene and the path to my work as a mala-binder and spiritual jewelery designer - and now a new partner at GOYOGI - has not been an obvious one.

I am originally trained as a multimedia designer with a bit of experience in the email marketing department of a major advertising agency. But in 2013 I chose to change my saddle. That is why I also have a Master's degree from the University of Copenhagen in English and art history. I actually thought that I would either write a PhD or be a secondary school teacher - but it didn't work out that way.

During my graduate studies, it all went wrong. I was a new mother to my 1 year old son, had long hours at university and several jobs to make ends meet - I was stressed out!

The study psychologist gave me tools to work with my inferiority and my perfectionism, but it was with a spiritual coach, with my family and in yoga that I found my way to more peace and tranquility.

My malas
I have drawn a lot on my language-philosophical and academic
know-how in the work to create the philosophy behind my mantra jewellery.

I have of course started from the traditional counting tools, which the malas are, but I have built on top of them, with a combination of the traditional mantra and what you would normally call an affirmation - i.e. a phrase that confirms something and is repeated again and again, exactly like the mantra.

These two components I have then seasoned with the post-modern philosopher and think Derrida's ideas about deconstruction, materiality and language, as well as the many connotations that lie latent in the many different stones and crystals I work with.

Now this may be starting to sound a bit long-winded, but it really isn't. Simply put, my malas are meant to help you manifest your dreams and find peace. You have to see them as both physical and mental tools. Tools for meditation, manifestation, mindfulness and self-insight.

New co-owner of GOYOGI
Bringing my mantra tools to GOYOGI has of course been a big decision, but not a difficult one.

When I started Mantra, I dreamed of expanding my universe with both meditation cushions and philanthropic work. So in many ways, with this new partnership, I have manifested what I wanted! It just came to me in a completely different way than I expected.

I have for a long time used the mala with the mantra; 'I see the possibilities' and it has clearly become my strength to see the possibilities rather than the limitations and dare to take new steps into the unknown. And an opportunity like this, to partner with Jannie and GOYOGI, is clearly an opportunity I had to take!

I am so excited to step into GOYOGI and expand the already existing universe of yoga equipment with my mantra malas and bracelets. They fit in so well with GOYOGI and I myself have been using both the meditation cushions and the yoga mats for a long time with great pleasure!


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