B2B & ENGROS? Ja Selvfølgelig!

B2B & WHOLESALE? Yes of course!

Did you know that at GOYOGI we offer wholesale prices for yoga studios, educational institutions, sports associations, etc.?

If you are thinking about replacing one or more of your yoga props - or you are about to start a brand new studio - please contact us.

We are ready to help you find the right setup that matches your needs - at a good price.

Several yoga instructors and training courses (even companies that would like to offer a yoga room for their employees) already have GOYOGI bolsters, mats, blocks etc. lying around in their beautiful studios and we get really nice praise from our B2B customers.

Will you be next?

Contact Jannie for more info and a non-binding offer:

Jannie@goyogi.dk or on tel: +45 40577055.


Every time you choose GOYOGI, you help raise funds for our YOGA FOR YOUTH fund, which aims to spread knowledge of yoga and mindfulness to children and young people in particular via donations of equipment, events and teaching.

You can read more about the YOGA FOR YOUTH foundation here


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