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At you will find yoga mats and yoga gear from Manduka. Vi have partnered up with Manduka to provide you best-in-class Manduka yoga mats and yoga gear.

No other yoga mat is built with the precision and passion of Manduka. Designed by yogis and loved by teachers worldwide, carefully-selected materials are paired with thoughtful design for the tiniest environmental footprint possible. The result? High performance products with an even higher purpose - to keep the focus on your practice.

Manduka is best know for the original Manduka Black Mat Pro. Designed to last a lifetime (or two), Manduka PRO series yoga mats curb the amount of PVC mats that enter landfills every year and reduces overall mat consumption. During the manufacturing of most PVC products, toxic emissions may be released into the air. However, PRO series mats are manufactured through a process that ensures no toxic emissions are released into the atmosphere. The Manduka PRO is certified safe for human contact by OEKO-TEX®*, a material certification agency in Europe for the textile industry.


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